• Mohammed Rahman and Anjem Choudary convicted of supporting ISIS

    Mohammad Mijanur Rahman and Anjem Choudhary, who swore allegiance to ISIS and encouraged people to travel to Syria, have been convicted of supporting Islamic State.
    Mohammed Mizanur Rahman, of North Circular Road, Palmers Green, faces up to ten years behind bars..
    He was found guilty alongside Anjem Choudhary, 49, of Hampton Road, Ilford.
    Choudary and his co-defendant, Mohammed Rahman, 33, told their supporters to obey Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Isis leader, who is also known as a caliph, and travel to Syria to support Isis or “the caliphate”, the court heard.
    They were convicted in July but details of the trial, including the verdict, could not be reported until now.
    Choudary and Rahman face up to 10 years in jail for inviting support for a proscribed organisation. They will be sentenced on 6 September at the Old Bailey..
    Choudary and Rahman were arrested by officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command in September 2014.
    Commander Dean Haydon, Head of the MPS Counter Terrorism Command said: “These men have stayed just within the law for many years, but there is no one within the counter terrorism world that has any doubts of the influence that they have had, the hate they have spread and the people that they have encouraged to join terrorist organisations.
    “Over and over again we have seen people on trial for the most serious offences who have attended lectures or speeches given by these men.
    “The oath of allegiance was a turning point for the police – at last we had the evidence that they had stepped over the line and we could prove they supported ISIS.
    “During the course of the investigation 20 years worth of material was considered, with over 333 electronic devices containing 12.1 terabytes of storage data assessed and evidence identified to support the prosecution case at court.
    “Our well established international contacts ensured that we were able to obtain key evidence from the Indonesian authorities to prove that Choudary and Rahman were key in the publication of their oath of allegiance.”
    It can now also be revealed that Choudary was encouraged to support Isis by a notorious British Isis fighter who fled to Syria while on police bail.
    The court heard that shortly after Isis was proscribed as a terror group Choudary was in contact with an individual named as Subject A. It can now be revealed Subject A was Siddartha Dhar – known on social media as Abu Rumaysah – who was arrested alongside Choudary before he fled to Syria to fight with Isis while on police bail.
    Dhar encouraged Choudary to express support for Isis on social media. Following on from Dhar’s encouragement, both defendants made their position on the newly declared caliphate clear in the “oath of allegiance”.
    Choudary and Rahman will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on September 6.



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